This document is a copy of the Aep doc. The original document seems to be no longer available or was only ever distributed in PDF format, so I don’t know its original name.

Aep isn’t the guy that you think.

Aep did:

Aep is also known as “deleteduserabhdsd122221” on Discord aka “EpicXDavo”.

Aep did many bad things on this account such as nuking void Discord server for no fucking reason???:

He is also acting very immature to any void staff instead of “coding” on his own revival named “fossci”

Aep made his revival because wumbo helped a little EVEN if he was very BORED of him because he was asking every fucking single days about how to patch something (aep admitted he doesn’t know reverse engineering aka assembly)

Anyways, there are still ~13 screenshots of him asking every day about how to do that…


So aep is claiming that I have owned a project X revival, here is the proof that I didn’t…

Yes, Samuel was the real owner of project X.

Aep is claiming to never skidded even if he admitted multiple times:

As you can see, aep is claiming ecs (economy simulator) source is his own source from scratch


Aep is some edgy 15yo who loves acting very immature

Yes, Aep has been doxxed by someone from the sbc (sandbox community) when he was not in the orc (I won’t leak the dox because I’m not supporting those things even if he did bad things)


Aep loves “beaming” Discord accounts for no reason, yeah aep has a lot of aliases and he was also called “iron”

another hacked account

average Aep moment looking at void src (he is talking about it everydays, bro fr need to stop skidding lmao)

Aep and his friend tried to dox my friend, hopefully I told him about the current situation and he deleted all of his account before they get his location (because this was possible), ofc aep deleted all of his message about my friend

I hope after his Aep and his shitty ass ego will leave the orc lmao

We are also suspecting Aep skidding void mac endpoint because he released mac once void src has been leaked which is weird.

Btw funny thing about Aep, he tried to save his ass (cuz he knew I’ll make this doc) by AGAIN spreading misinformation

Last piece of info about Aep is don’t join Fossci, his shit isn’t that “very secure”
I’ll show why later but I’d suggest everyone who joined Fossci to leave it and never join back

More info at:
Btw: (I did it ofc, Aep)