This document is a copy of Another 608 Document.

Another 608 Document

A pedophile, groomer, and a horrible person

I’m making this document exposing carly of her manipulation, pedophilia, and gromming she has been doing. She has been caught numerous times doing pedophilic activities many times, manipulating the people close to her to not look at the document because it shows her true colors. Carly is the worst person I know, other than hitler but she’s getting there.

Carly has done numerous things to trigger me. First, I left her fake company as I had read the documents and it clicked in my head she wasn’t a good person. I didn’t hate her, I just wanted to distance myself from her. Because I had missed working on her revival NOUNBLOX I had decided to continue working on my own project, Water09 (now defunct). After a while it clicked in my brain how bad carly was as a person.

The terror

I had figured this out and started spreading the word, This made carly start attacking me for simply just trying to share what she was as a person. She would say it was false, say anything I did was a virus of some sorts and it made me angry, simply just because I was attempting to share the truth.

Ironic quote

Carly will do just about anything just to make sure her ass is saved. This means she will spread misinformation to get her way (e.g nounblox source is a rat!!!, she later stated it was for “user safety”) and will do it at almost any cost. Later in the document this will be a huge source for drama that occurred recently in the making of the document.

Relating to the methods carly will use to get back at people, she decided to dox gameguy (an important figure). Gameguy was the first victim of carly (based off of what I know). Gameguy ended up exposing carly in this first document for being a groomer/pedophile. This was because at the time gameguy was 13 and carly was 16. This is not a good thing to do and most people consider this pedophilic activity, because it is. Carly would later go on to dox gameguy.

Shady business

Carly is relatively shady when it comes to how she manages her projects. She has been told multiple times that someone was underage but refused to ban said user due to them sending funny jokes, or some other reason. This is really shady as this is another result of her pedophilic activity. This is not okay to do, because banning an underage user off of your Discord server can protect them from future harm but instead chose to keep them. Again, this is real shady of carly to do as her past pedophilic activity.

Manipulation Station

Carly is known for using manipulation to get her way (as previously mentioned) and manipulates people to help keep her trust, or to get them to act a certain way. It is suspected that she manipulated kit into forgiving her for calling kit a pedophile (will be mentioned soon). We have no proof of this but it is suspected. She has also used manipulation to get people to be on her side.

She will use manipulation on almost anyone so make sure you watch out for it. If she’s trying to pressure you into feeling bad for something other people don’t, she’s most likely manipulating you into feeling bad for her and such.


Carly will also use censorship to prevent people from saying true things about her. This can be by using moderation tools incorrectly to make sure people can’t say the truth. She will also delete any message that say the truth in any way, shape, or form. She does this to cover her tracks because almost everything she says can be used against her. Carly will even sometimes delete normal messages for no reason.

This document will be continued later.