This document is a copy of What did ariez do to atomblox😱😱😱.

What did ariez do to atomblox😱😱😱

-By wool
People in here: ariez (fdab), wool(wo.ol)

(Note: do not join cattodomain or blue16)

On 19 January 2024 he threatened my revival by calling it dogshit and saying that it won’t last for long.

And the site wasn’t finished yet

(Note: around 18 January 2023, I was making a site for BEASTBLOX, but I was dumb at the time and didn’t really know how to code so I used a bit of ChatGPT, but when I was making atomblox site, I copied the heart folder from the old beastblox site, and modified it, and there was a file named update_status.php or something that had the require(/path/to/db.php). So I forgot to remove the old code leftover from the previous site I was working on.)

He found a forum post from along time ago, and idk he tried to flex that he found my name?

Here he said the n word

Now ariez is threatening my revival with a DMCA, which is just stupid tbh

(Note: don’t go on the link, possibly an IP grabber)

He said he was going to buy me a domain, which I highly doubted at the time, because he threatened to DMCA me.

Then on 20 January 2023, I opened gmail to check it, then I saw a email from Cloudflare with a DMCA.

As you can see, ariez DMCA’d my site, but I knew it wasn’t Roblox because the email address ended with

And ariez also bragged about it in Blue16 (Where ariez is a dev)

ariez also said this in my DMs

Also, newuser said about suggesting to DMCA them back, to which I replied no (in atomblox announcements)

ariez saw it and said this in my DMs (Note: talking about killing and lawyers)
Scroll down if you wish to see what he said!

As you see, he threatens that they will send a hitman to kill if he gets DMCAd and will sue me to infinity.

Now I will post images involving ariez and whatever.

And ariez destroyed another revival named vaporz

And is targeting latrev

Now what will I do?
Well I’ll probably make atomblox only for beta testers y’know.
And uhh don’t use cattodomains or