This document is a copy of Carly - Owning Up. The original document has been replaced with a short statement. See the Additions section for more information.

Carly – Owning Up to Her Past

Red - kitproj (sadsad1337, sadert, and the likeness)
Purple - sh0rk/jul/722 - Note: I will back this doc up and refer to it as “COU”.
Light Blue - Czech
Lighter Blue - 4fr
Orange - wafkee
White - Carly (except for the title and subtitles)
Green - Official B / Recon
Dark Red - dewd
Dark Cyan - fin
Lighter Dark Red - newuser
Yellow & black highlight - Mangloid
Red & black highlight - epic52


Manipulation, sexually harassing minors, hacking people. Everything will be listed here, though it will be slightly unorganized.

So we all know of Carly’s pedophilic, manipulative, and narcissistic behavior. What if I told you that she’s apologizing in this document? We’ll be showing our group chat messages. If you question the validity of these messages, then you should ask Carly. Most of these screenshots were taken on hummus.

And yes, this is endorsed and recognized by her.

She’s actually acknowledging her actions. Very shocking, actually.

Part I – Censorship

If you’ve been on one of Carly’s servers (or any server I have had admin in), you probably know well that she likes to censor everything bad about her. Even small things. It even got to the point where this became a joke. (She set up an automod to censor things she didn’t like.)

I can’t think of what to write so here’s assorted screenshots of censorship.

Also, poor Aiko. Carly put him on some hitlist and he got harassed into oblivion.

Part II – The Problematic Relationships


This was the first problematic relationship, although it is considered by everyone who knows about it as genuinely not my fault.
Basically, I was around 15, and Jared was lying about being close to that age. On his 13th birthday, he revealed he was 13, and we never flirted again.
There was no “official” breakup message but I’d say we just knew we were over.
This one, unlike the others, could not be considered pedophilia, due to my age, and me no longer dating him once he revealed his age.
I should have learned from this to find people’s age, and to not just trust the first thing they said, but no. Right after dating Marblyn, a similar situation would occur… Gameguy.

gameguy (and Yakova/Porokimun)

This was what kickstarted the mass hatred of me in the ORC. Specifically the Gameguy part, as most probably didn’t bother to read the walls of text which explained how Yakova was also part of the relationship.
This happened later on in it, as it originally *was* just Gameguy and I.
There are some misconceptions about this but it did happen.


One big misconception is that I had commissioned RR34 of Gameguy and I. The RR34 was made, but I merely “allowed” B to commission it. Still a horrible thing to do on my part.

Another misconception related to NotSafeForTopicGC. This was a group chat Gameguy made because Diced didn’t like seeing NSFW messages by him. It was said that I created this GC, and created it as a way to enable Gameguy and Yakova to be sexual. While the 2nd thing may have happened (albeit unintentionally?), I didn’t own NSFTGC.
I likely also did some light flirting there as well, like in ((OTGC)).

The next misconception (although mostly just a confession?) relates to the doxxings of gameguy, Yakova, and… wafkee?
Back during late 2022, when this drama was at its start, I had posted information I gathered about them to a private group.
The gameguy dox just included first and last name, as well as 2 face pictures, and was only ever in one group chat, and one page of 4fr’s site World-Hill.
The Yakova dox was just a first name, as well as middle and last initial, and phone number. I texted the number one time, with TextNow, and then never bothered again. This was only in a private group as well.
The wafkee dox was just first and last name, and a half face picture. This was before he did an official face reveal (this year). In addition, this also was only ever in a private group, however he became (reasonably) scared because of it. To this day he seems scared of me, such as when he criticizes me he says stuff like “joking” shortly after.
At a time, (right after the doxxes) he did block me and delete his original account. Eventually we re-met during the beginning of NOUNBLOX’s first era in 2023 (specifically March, I believe, is when we re-met). I consider him a friend and we seem to get along good, as well as me helping out with some of his projects.


I’m sure, if you’re in the ORC, you’ve heard of this. In this section we will be confirming it, addressing parts that weren’t 100% true (really just one thing), and sharing more needed context.If you somehow DON’T know, Carly has been in some questionable relationships… with minors. As an adult. I know, it sounds bad. The minor in question being someone named Uyko/Rec01n, not to be confused with recon. At the time, Uyko was 14 and Carly was 18, which is obviously illegal. Carly sent some… Questionable messages to Uyko, such as… Being horny and sending them feet pics! Of course they never ended up doing that though. After a while, it ended and they became just friends.

The whole story

I was introduced to Uyko by Kit. He thought we would make good friends because she liked playing Novetus. I was added to a GC of Brick Hill users owned by her, which Kit was in, and we quickly became friends. This group chat contained Early, her previous ex (who at the time she was dating) which that situation was also like our relationship.
Eventually, I started mentioning SANS (Social Avatar Network Script), and she said she knew a guy who made one. This is when Arby’s was made. The guy was Grizler. Over the months, we all became close. At first, she and Grizler were flirting occasionally, with Grizler even making RR34 videos including her character. I think my attraction to her began sometime after being really close with her for a while. It was before Grizler’s flirting I’m pretty sure, so mentally I wasn’t handling that well.
Eventually, in Novetus, she said something as a joke. I believe it was “I love you”, which I responded saying I loved her too. We then just sat there in silence for a bit before playing it off. She jokingly complimented me some, but then stopped because I wasn’t also playing along.
She then shortly after would reveal her thoughts about me, but it wasn’t official yet. Grizler was still there too.
Eventually, she DMed me saying she loved me, and I said it back.
At the time, I *didn’t* know her age. I think I learned it in the middle of the relationship. (Yes, not near the end). By then it was really hard for me to think of breaking up, because my past experiences with breaking up with people all went the same way:

  1. Horrible
  2. The people either leave me or harass me

Which are two things I don’t take well.
Sadert was the first to realize the age gap, as Uyko was unknown to the ORC. He first talked to me about it on PrivateUploader/Flowinity, saying I should quit now before people found out.
I didn’t quit and he eventually filled in all his friends on the context.
A document was made by Worldcash and it spread like wildfire in the ORC, even more than the Gameguy ones.
I tried to get out of this without any damage. At first, denying the relationship, then using broken math to say she’d be 16 now if she said she was 14 in some screenshot. Then outright *saying* she’s 16.
Eventually I realized the relationship was a horrible thing and initiated the breakup.
She took it well and we went back to being regular friends. She is currently with Kit and Wafkee now, which are closer to her age.
While the “trying to get out” was occurring, I did several things, including admin abuse.
Random pieces of phrases that related to it were blocked in automod in my servers. Eventually I even replaced my “screenshot Roblox so we know you’re 13+” verification with a “help let the ORC know Uyko is 16” verification. This “verification” became a joke among some people. It eventually was removed sometime after I broke up.

Part III – Getting Misconceptions out of the Way

Throughout the drama there *have* been misconceptions. We will go over these in an organized manner.

Sending NSFW Images to Uyko

This misconception began after two messages I sent to fin where I said I was doing such. I never ended up doing it. I *did* receive images a few time but it’s unconfirmed whether they actually were of her, and they thankfully weren’t nude images.


If you weren’t aware, NOUNBLOX was originally made as an improvement of Yomi’s old “KERNELBLOX”, based off of RBLXHUB and Nolanwhy’s source. What likely happened is that Yomi used ChatGPT in several areas.

The Leaked GC

Originally made to be a crossover of people from different communities (and different parts of the same communities), it took a somewhat dark turn due to being leaked with an exaggerated backstory behind it.
What is said is that me and my partners were talking sexually with a minor. I’m not sure whether there was a minor in the GC, as people added random people, but what I do know is that my partners and I did flirt a bit, but with each other.
They also did send slightly weird messages. While you can’t deny the weird nature, I’m sure they were joking, such as the “I like pedos” or similar message.

Things I’ve Done with People’s Info

I’m really responsible when it comes to storing data, so I always hash passwords.

However, there are 2 incidents where peoples’ passwords were exposed. Allow me to go over these.

1. Revolution Hill

Revolution Hill suffered a password logging incident from Crapblox back in October 2022. Most people’s passwords who logged in were randomly generated, but a few people *were* effected.
Here is the list (Excluding people who’s passwords seem to have been randomly given/reset ones):

executive storage

2. BLOX Construct

Mine and Zy’s BLOX Construct was based on Avatarsquare, for testing. As a result, passwords were plaintext and we never got around to hashing them at the time. The site really wasn’t meant to be “public” yet.
The site had several users, but not a lot. Some being in the ORC.
Here is the list (Excluding alts aka duplicate accounts, and accounts that have seemed to use both a fake email and password):


If you, or someone you know was in either of these lists, make sure passwords are updated and secured.

This is something that will *not* happen again.

I don’t mean to plug but my latest BLOXCity site I made sure hashes passwords with a strong modern hash. This is something I do take seriously.

Info I may have of you

If you use Z, the only personally identifying thing I have is an email. Everything else is either hashed, or not even stored connected to you.
We do not link IPs to users, but hashed IPs are stored in the video views table, to prevent view botting.
And relating to account deletion, I am considering adding something similar to Discord’s, where all the deleted accounts merge into one, and the account itself gets a name saying it’s deleted (That way it still exists so nothing breaks), and maybe also the option to delete your posts and stuff if you wish.
It will be instant unlike Discord.

If you have used NOUNBLOX (any NOUNBLOX site, even not affiliated with me), the source did not hash IPs. That was something I was going to get around to. If you are worried regarding your IP, it is recommended to release and renew it, to get a new one.
In addition, emails are not stored.

Revolution Hill stored the same things as NOUNBLOX.

The best thing my past sites (Other than that one with Zy) have stored is what NOUNBLOX and RevHill have stored.

I also have never ratted, nor attempted to RAT anyone, or give them malware. That’s something I don’t play around with.

3. Doxbin Leaks by Third Parties

You may have heard of the PGing claims. The two ORC members I had successfully PGed in the past were due to information being available on Doxbin. That is the sole way I had obtained those accounts.

Suicide “baiting”

I have, several times, expressed suicidal thoughts of mine, during times things were happening. Many considered this “baiting” due to the times they happened, but in reality it was just me cracking and opening up a bit due to not being able to take what happened.
To sum it up, yes, the messages were real, and the thoughts were real too, and didn’t just happen during those times but constantly.
I have thankfully never physically harmed myself, as of now.


Many people know of my small circles of friends, which oftentimes have spied on servers for me. They’ve earned the nickname “troops” by some and “goons” by others.
While I certainly do consider them friends, they never were solely “used” just for their ability to spy. However, I will admit, I shouldn’t have pressured them to do such.

Part IV – Acting Sexual Around Maxim

Recently, a screenshot came out of my Z DMs.

I’m here to confirm I didn’t say these, and whoever had PGed me on the site was saying these.
I wouldn’t have said such either way because:

  1. I *have* a relationship already with 2 people and I’m not a cheater
  2. I know Maxim is way younger than me

Part V – Annoyances

This section is for addressing annoying things I do, which may not be 100% malicious or harmful, which leads us into one everyone who has ever stalked my Twitter has seen:


The first one that got to the ORC was me claiming I was going to sell the 2021 RCCService (in 2021 or early/mid 2022). Due to the drama not having started then, I was defended by Neek and others, who said I was joking when Brent quote retweeted talking about selling Roblox’s property.

Some famous ones are the ones that pertain to “Friends2013”. Like with quite a lot of things I say, I did think the “shadow government” thing was somewhat true when posting originally. Eventually, restating it just became an impulsive thing.
This is the same with:

  • “Limbo being a rat"
  • "Limbo using ECS site source"
  • "Qzip stealing Crapblox”

and more.

Anyone in Arby’s could tell you about some other of these as well. Such as “the ORC planting fake Carlys in my school to make me go insane”, or, “the ORC having devices hidden around my house to surveillance me”.

I also did not realize this was schizoposting until I saw some random Tweet about some guy who was claiming they were one of the Undertale characters and that Toby secretly knew it, and I realized how similar it looks to most of my Tweets. So I have determined it’s a mix of schizophrenia and sleep deprivation. The two things that have ALWAYS added more fuel to this fire, and probably why it is at such a level it is today.

”Smooth” Advertising

A thing I’ve been somewhat known for is my advertising of things I create or endorse. It’s not through normal means. Let me give some examples.

  • Defacing sites (Such as Quadium/the new squareBracket by Kylarz, and to advertise my stuff
  • Spamming Brick Hill games and forums, ban evading with several alts, even including Lukeposting
  • False statements to persuade people to come
  • Being overly competitive with sites that are remotely similar
  • Getting “competing”/similar sites taken down

Part VI – The Drama Before This

Back in 2020, I was 100% sane. I had just got into the GBC and quickly rose to the tops with other known members. We had fun times, and even made and abandoned projects, just like OTGC, just like now (lol). I got into a relationship with Jade (whos username was Hajime then, but mostly known as Gamour).
This all came crashing down January 1st, 2021 (I’m not even joking).
What did I do? I was annoyed by Jade’s recent lack of talking to me seriously, so for some reason, I made a GC with me and the rest of the friend group, about canceling her.
Eventually, I accidentally DMed her instead of the GC, leading to our fallout. I think this was the start of the rapid decrease in mental health I would go through.
It then worsened after we all were going to dox and blackmail “Mary”, someone we labeled as a pedophile. While it’s possible she is or was, that’s still not a good thing for us to do, as she was only 17 then.
The user now known as Bekzii, or Bea, called out this upon returning and seeing the GC, which I removed as an immediate reaction.
I came back to Discord seeing the whole group blocked me and turned against me.
It’s a lot like the situation in the Gameguy doc where I was begging to stay in OTGC. I even offered the same thing about staying there but not talking. Eventually, I was still removed.
I did a lot of things in the GBC then, which, looking back, included a lot of schizoposting. It really was similar to this drama in a way, and included the doxxing of an innocent person, as well as “competing” with gummisquad with my “GummyClub” (Sound a lot like some of my revivals?), and stealing their advertisements and channel layouts, even spying on them.
Eventually, an expose video was made on me by Croissant, which I was denying everything about. Then a 2nd. Then, Bekzii infiltrated Whirled and caught me spreading misinformation about the videos, which turned into a third.
Neek will have seen these videos before we began talking much.
I also began moving to the ORC during this drama. Starting with finally downloading GoodBlox, so I could use my account I made in 2020.
This is where I met Temporalist, JGG, and others.
I eventually would go on to add Gameguy, from the GBC. (Similar to this drama, I had a small group of people on my side, I even called it “the good side”, there’s just so many similarities).
GoodBlox closed, we joined Rhodum, found Wafkee, etc.
Eventually we moved to a new GC created by Gameguy, dedicated to going “offtopic” so we didn’t have to discuss the actual topic of the GC I made, GoodBlox bloopers.
OTGC originally was called “offtopic” and was just a friend group.
I “turned it into” OffTopicGC after Gameguy once said “” as a joke, and Neek further made it into a “brand” after he was added and got settled in.
We started making projects, and for the first time, they got many users. This started with Gravitar, which a member advertised on the Brick Hill forums days after release.
Our most known was Revolution Hill (RevHill), a Brick Hill clone/alternative where Lukeposting was endorsed. This was the root of hatred it received.
As well as the association with Neek, which brought in hatred from the ORC. Neek and I shortly started dating around this time, and the whole ORC thought I was his alt. I consider this the start of their hatred for me.
Eventually, drama was occurring every day, and Neek left and started attacking the GC. I realized he was being manipulative and cut him off, only letting OTGC know, instead of him. He was still DMing me and thinking we were together, which was my mistake. I didn’t want him to start attacking me due to me initiating a breakup. Around this time, Gameguy’s flirting he did to me grew even bigger (He did flirt with me when Neek was still there, with me not responding). I eventually cracked and gave in on a random day where he asked “Can you be my Gamegirl?“. At the time, the general consensus was that he was “17”. This is what he told everyone. So I didn’t start the relationship knowing he was much younger.
Eventually, he revealed it to me, and then the other GC members. I said I’d still date him if he were 13, because I didn’t want to lose him as a friend. In past GCs I said it was because I was afraid of “what he’d do” to me, or similar, but really this was the reason. I didn’t want to lose another friend group.
The relationship continued without interference (Even eventually adding Yakova into the mix) for months. The first to ever say small things about it being odd was Temporalist/ga. Eventually, everything came crashing down when Gameguy revealed his age in a group chat that contained Neek. The first document was shortly made, and then Neek would proceed to plagiarize it. And that’s everything from the start of the GBC drama to the start of this drama.

Part VII – Editors’ Experiences with Carly


[Trigger warning for my part, mentions of overdose and süicide.] Hi I’m Sh0rk, I didn’t really know of Carly before like August 2023 but as soon as August 2023 hit, I rejoined the ORC and was in Old Staff with all my friends and I saw the Carly doc when everyone talked about it. I can say that this is all true, she has manipulated people and groomed kids on the internet, but she is trying to fix this and hopefully her cutting us off can fix whatever problems she has caused. She has kept my Z account hostage recently after I left that website. I have seen that NOUNBLOX used ChatGPT code according to comments in the PHP files. I’m fine with using ChatGPT to help with little parts of your code, but when you use it for a lot, most, or the entire thing (Madblox..?) It’s very problematic, ChatGPT can give you insecure code and it’s very obvious if you don’t give a shit after using the GPT code because its comments are obvious. I first noticed this ChatGPT in the Register page, seeing comments like “Add … for security”, obviously from ChatGPT (as someone who has used chatgpt for snippets, it leaves comments like this in those as well if you dictate it) As I am writing this there is a chat section in the google docs, so I will reference things Carly says. “I still am confused about those probably were in the original Kernelblox source” Carly admitted that Nounblox isn’t fully her code, GJGJGJ. Us in Old Staff now own the NOUNBLOX revival as a whole and I sh0rk may take control over Z (Carly didn’t confirm anything in this Z deal yet). Under a past alias Zevix (shortened to Zev), in Late August or Early September 2023, I was impersonated by Carly on Kapish when I was not ready to join any revivals of any sort. This caused me to nearly overdose on Tylenol because I was not even close to recovering from my mental issues and was still pretty süicidal. In late January or early February 2024, Carly had caused more drama which caused my boyfriend to go into a suicidal episode and he would have killed himself if he had enough resources. Luckily, he didn’t. These are enough in my experiences to show that Carly’s actions were not good, and that she can improve A LOT. I won’t be blocking Carly as I want to check up on her from time to time and see if she’s getting better. I hope everyone can learn from this drama and improve themselves. As for my opinion on doxxing, pizza bombing, and swatting, I have witnessed these all and I don’t think they should be done on anyone. It’s wrong to leak private information on the Internet and it is also wrong to try and get someone killed. Carly is clearly like this because she has mental issues, she needs help. I can tell that she has some sort of mental issue as well because as I have mentioned I went through some myself before. If you have done these things to Carly or are planning to, please don’t. She is trying to improve as a person and get help. It doesn’t help her any when you send a team of powerful armed cops to someone’s house because of internet shit. As of February 13th, 2024, I won’t be associating with Carly until she genuinely gets help with her mental issues and pedophilia. The only reason I will be messaging her is if there is an urgent situation or to check on her occasionally.


Hello, I’m Kit. I met Carly in February of 2022 and have mostly stayed friends with her. I met her and wafkee around the same time, but I met wafkee first. At the time, I was on a sandbox site called Mopaiv and I was getting bored of how the community would die so quickly. So I decided to go look at the YouTube channel belonging to Ninfo, a popular creator among sandboxes. There, I found Gravitar, a SANS wafkee created. Through this, Carly put an advertisement for Revolution Hill a few days after I joined. I made an account for Revolution Hill, and very quickly joined the staff team, as there was not too many users at the time. If Carly would’ve had better hiring standards, I wouldn’t be here. There’s been several occasions where she has made me defend her, because of the large dramas. For a very long time, I was considered her sidekick and only recently have I got away from that label. Within this time period, Carly has picked up and abandoned roughly 20 projects. (That’s an issue I have. Most just don’t stick despite being good ideas. It’s also probably way more than 20. I “abandoned” more.)

Recon (Official B)

I’ve known Carly since August 2022 and I was one of the first people to get involved in the drama, of course not on carly’s side. Carly has continuously manipulated, doxxed, harassed, and spread misinformation about many of my friends and myself within the past few years. Basically carly is a creepy scumbag pedophile who shouldn’t be forgiven.


Guess who it is? IT’S DEWD! I first met Carly around 2022 in RevHill. Nothing notable happened there, so I’ll skip over that. I joined Madblox before all of this happened, which then introduced me to well… Nounblox. At first everything was fine, it was just a normal revival, ‘till I got hired. Bein’ staff was fun, although we did questionable things… Like ddosing Madblox! And leaking IP’s of Madblox members. And… We did shitty things. And well, Carly didn’t really stop us, more like just either encouraged it or let it happen. (Both. I also helped with that.) Can’t remember. Eventually we started to.. Dislike Carly to say the least. We planned a day where we would all leave VD (Virtue Dev, Carly’s “company”), and we did. This is when Old Staff was created. Around this time Carly would try and guilt trip us, or just get us back. We didn’t go back. We were done. But sadly, that’s not how it ends. Carly did some stuff we didn’t like, so we started to do stuff about it. Carly didn’t like that. Eventually she started making us look like the bad guys! She made us out to be some super villains who hate her and wanna see her dead, when in reality we were just a GC who liked to play games. But eventually we stopped interacting. Well, not all of us. Kit kept interacting. He would talk, send screen shots, and do stuff with Carly, which we didn’t like for obvious reasons. So, we just told him to stop. He didn’t. Guhhh. And after that, sh0rk and epic52 came along. Carly… Impersonated sh0rk. He then as he worded it, “nearly overdose on Tylenol”, which is obviously terrible. And after that, Carly just kept going. When 2024 rolled around, Carly brought more drama causing epic52 to well, go suicidal. When members of her server Nounblox found out, they weren’t very happy, but that’s not related. Then she got swatted, which is shitty. If you swat ANYONE, then you are worse than the person you swatted. Anyways, we finally worked things out, and are trying to fix things now. Except the deal hasn’t happened. I’m not elaborating on what the deal is, but it’s important. And we went from discussing this deal to our members getting in GROUP CHATS AND PLAYING GAMES WITH CARLY. And to you “neutral” people, you aren’t neutral. You’re with the pedo or not with the pedo. No inbetween. Also, this is a VERY paraphrased version of the events. That’s ‘cuz dewd has shitty memory. But don’t let this fool ya, ‘cuz I’ll never forget THIS. No matter what Carly is still a pedophile, whether they change or not. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth. I’ve left this out until now, but you should take anything said by Carly with a grain of salt. They do have a history of being untrustworthy and makin’ shit up after all. Merry dewdmas. It’s been fun, you probably didn’t care, buh bye.


The PHP Phase

Hi, I’m 4fr. I used to be a developer for Virtue Development. There’s one thing I have to say, and it’s important for any owner of a website to include. The credits page, you see I never got credit for anything I did, but I’m not mad about it anymore, and me and Carly talked about it a long time ago. TL;DR don’t be a shitty website developer and include credits for the work that was done. Thank you.

Note from Carly: This is an issue I have, forgetting to give credits on projects. It’s never intentional but it’s something I should try and remember. carly confirmed to have dementia like me


Hi I am fin I met my mom and dad in December 2002 and I met carly in May 2023 when she got into my VPS… because of NEWUSER‼️‼️ other than that we became friends and that’s it.

newuser (Not finished and unorganized)

Hi I am newuser and I met carly back in early 2023 (I forgot but that’s the exact date that I know right now). I used to be an administrator at NOUNBLOX. Back then old staff and a lot of members were there, nolanwhy (ex-owner) nuked the entire server for an unknown reason. I also got kicked for being involved in the raiding incident. In May of 2023 guy1770, Carly, expit (with his vps) and I created a new revival called “Rhodum 2”. It was a successful project that ran well and moderated well. A few weeks later nolanwhy and me got hacked at the same time, I was spamming the N-word all the time and nolanwhy’s IP was getting leaked everywhere. Few hours later the hacking incident was resolved. Some people we’re suspicious about me for being racist and the team thought the hacking incident was fake by me (people thought I did this but I actually didn’t, that’s because nolanwhy and me got hacked at the same day that I did), later people just closed the conversation and then everything was normal again. I mostly checked reddit for new posts about my revival but it was horrible, and I mean horrible. People were making a lot of hate comments about my revival (including qzip, yeah69 and others). I was so fucked up that I closed down the revival for good, because NO ONE gave a single fuck about my revival that I worked on so hard with my friends. Later my friend (znxd and formerly known as AXD) has left the orc because his IPV4 got hacked (not sure). A few weeks later I was exposed for being a pedophile because I posted 1 GB of child sexual abuse material (ok according to Andrew it was??). I was so goddamn fucking scared that I wanted to quit the orc, I never gave up. Few months later andrew still fucks around with it to keep me annoyed (please do not accuse me for being a pedophile, I am literally 13). Oh and also, I still remember that Carly joined into the team with crystallized too! Carly accused me of faking the hacking incident back in May 2023 when Rhodum 2 existed. Anyways I dont wanna talk more about this cp thingy. Months go by and Carly gets exposed for his actions that he dated persons that were 13… I was left speechless after this document was released, I quickly blocked Carly and I threatened him to never talk again. 1 Month later I met, rcc.service, sh0rk, and rat. I first met them in MADBLOX when they were administrators, and you guessed it. People nuked the MADBLOX server and then rcc.service, sh0rk joined into the NOUNBLOX team which (rcc.service) developed a lot of things in NOUNBLOX. A new document was released about Carly grooming other people. sh0rk and rcc.service both made a new NOUNBLOX (one was the normal NOUNBLOX owned by rcc.service, other one was NUONBLOX owned by kit and sadert.) I joined the NOUNBLOX that rcc.service owned.
(Anyways, that’s all from me for now. I might have grammar issues here so yeah. I’ll add more stuff into this, for now Goodbye!)

Carly’s mega self-evaluation (unorganized)

Hi, I’m Carly. How will this work? I don’t know, but here’s my evaluation of myself.
I’m really really unstable as anyone can see from my Twitter posts, which probably only ever made things worse. Most of this drama probably wouldn’t be on the level it is now if it weren’t for my breakdowns. I genuinely think I may be schizophrenic, but I don’t know this for sure.
Anyway, I consider myself to have been sane and “normal” in 2020. Ever since some unrelated drama from 2021 my mental health has dwindled down constantly.
I’ve done many malicious things but 99% of the time no harm was meant. Most things I do are a result of sleep deprivation, lack of thinking things through, among other things.
I’ve handled getting blocked badly, as you can see in Czech’s paragraph above. I constantly and even have recently said untruthful things just to keep friends. I don’t know why but I just can’t handle the thought of losing people, as it has happened in a cycle since 2021.
This leads to a little section about OTGC. You may have known about a fake OffTopicGC I had, OnTopicGC. This was made as a result of me being removed from the GC, and eventually evolved into the Numnuts, and then Virtue Development. We mostly focused on attacking Marblyn, and Official B was at one point part of us.
Drama arose from this due to me using the OTGC logo and a blatantly similar name. The logo was created by Porokimun/Yakova, meant to replace the previous logo by Marblyn after his complete removal.
During my time in OTGC I was obsessed with making it into this “company” thing. Right before the main drama started, people left due to this.
Even after OffTopicGC I still was using OnTopicGC as a brand, and still use Virtue Development (which was created to deviate it from OTGC and not use the branding).
I have constantly tried reviving OTGC, even comparing unrelated GCs such as Arby’s to OTGC, calling them the next OTGC.
A thing I infamously had done was reuse the OTGC website (frontend designed by Yakova) for the original Virtue Development site, as well as using the OTGC Discord template.
Speaking of Yakova, I have held a grudge against them and most other people who were in OTGC, even after they had stopped contributing to any drama. I had no real reason to hate them, and even do things against them. I thankfully have been stopping this for the most part for a while now. This leads to something about Worldcash. Most of you probably have not seen racist remarks I have made against British people. I have mostly tried to not spread this hate all the time but there are some screenshots. I still have my personal opinion but I am going to try and not think of them differently.
Speaking of that racism, it had, at times, spread to Catzlol, who I want to get into now.
I met Catzlol at the forming of The Numnuts. It was formed because Marblyn had sent him a plan to destroy OTGC (I was still part at the time) and he sent it to B, me, and others.
Flameboy96 was part of us as well. And we began dedicating ourselves to attacking Marblyn. We also discovered Yomi during this time, and botted DayBLOX forums.
As I said, this is where I met Catzlol. We eventually would go on to make a DayBLOX parody, called NOUNBLOX. Yes, Catzlol was an owner. He owned the CT8 account we were under, and was the reason we changed from a joke revival into a serious one. He also moderated accounts very well.
Eventually, the server was raided, and Catzlol left. Causing me to turn on him. I thought he had betrayed me which is what I was telling everyone. He then completely broke off with me, and that’s officially when we began hating each other. Yes, he has, and still does, send stuff to my house, which anyone could admit isn’t justified even though I have done bad things. To this day I occasionally still get stuff, with the biggest thing being a SWATting.
After he left, I became sole owner of the revival for a while. This is when it became a “Virtue Development” project. I had met WaterBoi, dewd, and others back before Catzlol left, and shortly we became friends and trusted to each other. They all became VD staff.
Eventually, in May, after my suicidal breakdown reaction to NekoSalad being deleted, they all decided to leave,
(which was planned prior to this) which I didn’t handle well either because I already was in the middle of a breakdown.
Shortly after, they came back, and we tried forming a new GC separate from the ORC. No PHP or old Roblox allowed, just modern Roblox.
Eventually we started mentioning the drama again, and then that fell apart.
When Limbo got NOUNBLOX blocked from Serv00, I became good friends with Yomi, and started helping on his revival, MADBLOX. These were fun days for us all. Eventually, he heard of the allegations too, and that’s when we had our first falling out.
I was fired for the first time, and then made Epicon as a result. I was impersonating Worldcash on a random account which a friend had given me (not a PGed account but one they made for me). Eventually, Worldcash himself caught word of this, and that came tumbling down. In the process, I met Met. We became friends fast, and he became a NOUNBLOX owner eventually.
Eventually, he also left due to the allegations.
Then, NOUNBLOX was dead for the rest of the year, with me boasting about “private updates” (which weren’t actually happening) whenever someone tried to call the revival dead. I believe this is also around the time I implemented my Automod rule. Not many people have been blocked by the Automod rule, since it was designed to block only specific things relating to the allegations. But those who were blocked were constantly blocked by it, and were well aware some sort of filter was there. There was a period where “all was well” for NOUNBLOX, back in the beginning of this year. It was brought back by me, Water, and the others, under a panel. During this time, it received new things, and new people joined the server. The first incident began after WaterBoi left me again, and locked everyone out of the panel as well as leaking source. After this, rcc.service became a co-owner and was hosting the official “testing site” at miimak(dot)xyz. Around this time is when I got swatted (which B provided more context to in his section below). Everyone was still good with me in the server. This all came crashing down after Mangloid was sexualized by a member of the Arby’s GC (Mangloid being 14 I think?). During the same time, Rocko and rcc.service were added to Arby’s, which caused Kit to send me Mangloid’s announcement and then block me. I then copied the format of the announcement but about Kit and qzip (who I had a vendetta against up until this awakening) in an unrelated server, for Z. Kit received the screenshot, and then became suicidal. This is when everything fell apart, and then I realized a major consequence happened because of this. Rcc.service turned miimak into a separate server, “New NOUNBLOX”, and most people moved there. The events that follow mostly were me being constantly hired and fired from Yomi’s revival (again). Eventually, Sadert and I talked and made his joke site “nounblox on a budger”
(nounblox on a bulge xdxdlolol) into the new official testing site. It then also later moved to its own server. Losing almost an entire server really made my mental health even worse, and as always, I was trying to get them back every day.


Hi guys epic52 here.
I met carly back in like fuckin 2023 or sum and holy shit she made me wanna kill myself to the 10th power. She lied about people and had a channel in nounblox called “staff-furry-porn”. The staff was about 90% minors. and yeah, atlastoby smoked ur weed and goodbye


Funny messages left by us. [1]

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Best sections ever

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You can write what you remember and then combine it all probably – Cahly

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^^ pls dont make fun ;(



Sh0rk’s section

This will be my personal section to store notes or screenshots I’ve taken and that I want people to see.

Carly listing who she has information of in my Hummus server for this entire deal.

People carly tried to password guess in the past or recently

Carly agreeing with the plans for our deal.

Sh0rk’s glossary

  • Adopt me trust trade: when only one side gains a benefit from a trade or deal and then cuts off the other party. a reference to when people say “Trust trade me!” in the Roblox game Adopt Me.

Dewd’s section

Dewd’s ‘lil thing I guess. Turns out Carly tried to PG me? Odd.
What sh0rk left out was this LARGE
R list. Yeah I didn’t wanna screenshot all that sorry dewd

Yikes! Now I will admit, these might have happened months ago, or weeks, or days. No way for me to know. Dewd signing off again.

Added context from Carly: This was a list of people who were affected by the third party leaks, not necessarily everyone I tried to PG. Although some of them I did try to are also on there.
This also occurred in October 2023.

the end folks

Please do not harass anybody in this document. Please!


The document was previously named “Carly - Owning Up to Her Past”. The current content of the original document is as follows.

Carly is a pedophile
Do not trust anything she says
She lies about everything
The document was an attempt to get her out but she never attempts to take accountability for her actions and gets away with it

You’ll thank me later. -0 :3
If this document gets deleted, you’ll know who did it. subscribe to him. He’s a real G.
Btw fuck you carly i hope you burn in hell -0, again :3

Oi! I deleted this doc MULTIPLE TIMES and added whatever I want and Aiko gets credit? Fuck!

[1]: After making a google doc, six months down the line some poor bastard has to transcribe it into malformed HTML at 1am. Please keep this in mind when creating the formatting for your documents.