This document is a copy of ok fuck chris and the bitchass gang.

the death of orc document

to talk about your orc story please send in Discord DMs username: lester0492
So I made a server called testlab where I would test stuff like yeah for revivals and stuff then chris promoted it and then he nuked it for no reason at all and I even got banned from hexamity and other shitvivals for no reason at all.
now yomi’s story

He made mlgblox and chris and the gang started claiming random stuff then they banned him from orc awards so yomi made his own event show but then of course chris and the gang attacked it all of them and nuked mlgblox 3 fucking times and even made yomi delete the event server.
like how can people stand up for chris, he’s such a fucking bitch just fuck him.

If you have him admin in any servers then ban him directly cause he will nuke it when he has the chance

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ok yomi will take over now

Yomi’s page

This is my personal page because I am the main victim here, so first, any rumors of the hard R are completely FALSE, or it’s something from like 6 months ago (does not really count anymore).

His event is rigged this is true cause syntax won and they have like 2k members, he bans people he dont like and ruin their revival, I hope someone could make a great event, not bullshit like his banana lookin rigged ass event, but are we actually getting aep 2???? I’ll let u think about it, but anyways please expose his ass on reddit and everywhere basically so he ends up exposed and gonna be leaving just like we did to aep.
/* lestah yeah talk shit about him here: */

Don’t forget to try amazing revivals like testblox, evenblox, mlgblox and all good revivals out there (without malwares of course) but not nounblox lmao

ok lestah time

I made a server called testlabs where I would try different things like making a chatgpt revival for test and stuff and make ticket and stuff then chris got pissed and he nuked my server for no reason at all and I got so mad and cried and this shows he is a bad person.

we will let people on to write their orc story
thanks for reading too and kill chris
I see that little nigga made a post about me
kill urself chris