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Take this document as you will

My response to the accusations / dox created by Lightbulblighter / “Carrot”

Hello to everyone that is reading this. I am Dshoe10.

To the more educated user with my situation, you probably have been wondering when am I ever going to respond or simply say something at all for that matter as I have been radioslient for nearly 2 years. I’ve been wanting to make a response since the day the dox was posted but there were a few roadblocks I needed to get over before doing so. These roadblocks involved fixing myself and my outlook on life around me. Me and Carrot are both in the wrong in this situation, we are both not innocent but not completely guilty. To get this out of the way first, No, I have not been secretly on alternative accounts sneaking into Discord servers or anything of that nature. To the people who have been claiming Discord accounts to be mine, you are harassing innocent people who are not related to me. Do actual research and find proper proof before you make any claims. Also, I am not in contact with any malicious individuals that I either have never spoken to or used to have talked to that are/were in the ORC.

How I met Carrot / Lightbulblighter

The events that led to the dox

Carrot and I became friends after the whole drama as I previously stated. We began talking a lot more and we became pretty close friends. We would vent to each other about our problems and we both listened when we vented to each other. As time went on, Carrot became increasingly more “clingy” towards me sexually and romantically. Carrot would talk about porn, sexual orientation and just sexual stuff daily through-out our conversations. In the following months Carrot took it to another level and began making sexual jokes involving us or just me. Carrot eventually started asking me if I wanted to date him weekly or daily, in response I declined. Even after repeating myself over and over, In the future Carrot began asking for nude photos of myself nearly daily which began to make me extremely uncomfortable. All of this eventually made me feel so uncomfortable that I ghosted him. I do not remember the specifics but eventually he got in touch with me again and he apologized and we became friends again.

Questions and Answers

”Did you groom carrot”

No, I never groomed Carrot or anyone for that matter. I personally believe that Carrot created this lie because he needed to give himself a reason to dox me so it doesn’t stain his reputation / view to others / make him look pathetic because his name will be associated with the publication of that dox. This is only my speculation though, so take it as you will.

And to the others who are claiming I groomed them also, no. I did not groom you or anyone.

”Are the allegations on the DOX true?”

Depends, not all of them are true but not all of them are false. The main accusation of “grooming a 13 year old” is false.

”Are you a zoophile”


And to the people who are claiming I touch my pets, no I don’t.

”Are you John Bowling”

No, I’m still shocked by GoodBlox’s stupidity into thinking I’m them. No, I did not do the Hacking / Exploiting or anything related to that situation. Sometime in February 2021, I was sent screenshots of actual administrators for GoodBlox claiming that I’m John Bowling by a screenshot of accounts with associated IPs with a random account that they were certain to be the hacker. With the associated IPs on the account, my account and a ton of other accounts (that are not mine just to clarify) popped up in the results. I was very surprised that Goodblox didn’t know what a VPN is. Any revival I went on back then I used a premium version of a free VPN service with over 40 million users. The fact that the own ADMINISTRATORS claimed it was me at face value without thinking or properly digging into the other accounts and the IPs is completely mind boggling and stupid. In fact they were so certain it was me that one of the administrators made an announcement claiming it was me.

What a joke.

”Are you a gore fetishist?”

No, this was an off color joke I used to do to make fun of another user. I will speak more about this later in the document.

Accusations that were listed on the dox

[ 1 ] Dshoe10 is an absolute and complete waste of human life.

I guess?

[ 2 ] He has groomed 13 year old children on Discord, and proceeded to attempt to dox them.


[ 4 ] has blackmailed a 13 year old to get some piece of his social media back by forcing him to record a video of him using the toilet, publicly humiliating him by making the 13 year old record himself shitting, pissing, and one video of him farting.

Kind of. /r/Dshoe10 was acquired by a user and used to promote bad stuff, eventually this user’s account was password guessed and hacked into by another user without my knowledge. After all of this, the user asked if I wanted my subreddit and I said yes. The previous owner eventually found out about what occurred with his subreddits which then led him into being mad in our group chat we were all in including him for a while. He wanted his subreddits back which led him asking the user who did it and me for the /r/Dshoe10 subreddit. I responded with no and told him I’m never giving it back. He dropped it for a while. Later on others in the groupchat were messing with him trying to get him to do stupid obnoxious shit and while using the excuse “inorder to get his subreddits back” in which I chime in later on and say do a reaction to a fat shit which we all thought was absolutely hilarious. This led everyone asking him to do other obnoxious shit and everyone kept egging him on to do it, in which he then made a fake video of himself doing faces with cartoon bathroom sounds. Everyone was laughing and others told him to do more stuff like fart faces and to piss. This is stupid and I’m sorry for not being the better person and not contribute to everyones foolishness and I should’ve just gave him the /r/Dshoe10 subreddit as it was his. I was a immature child and thought this stupid stuff like this was funny. I’m sorry.

[ 5 ] He then proceeded to release these videos to the public, and never gave the item that the 13 year old wanted back.

False. I didn’t post the videos, another user did that. But I did not give him the subreddits back so that part is true.

[ 6 ] Dshoe10 also is completely void of any empathy.

False. I did have empathy but I never felt any when someone made me mad / furious online. This isn’t how I am anymore though.

[ 7 ] He has a sexual interest in gore and shock films.

Misinformed. I don’t blame him for putting this on here. But no I do not. I’m completely fucking stupid for this but this was funny to me at the time for some reason which led me to joke about it 24/7 and try to be shocking and edgy to others for attention. The joke was mimicking an admin from a website and I went too far with it. I never explained to everyone that I was joking and making fun of another user. It’s fucked up and extremely immature of me. I’m deeply sorry to whoever I disturbed. And to the admin I was making fun of, I’m sorry.

[ 8 ] and is pretty much a “pedophile” at the age of 15. He is on record to have saved and sent cub pornography

No, I am not a pedophile. And about the “He is on record to have saved and sent cub pornography” I never saved cub pornography but the sent accusation is true. But not for what you might think. Let me explain, so when I was learning the PHP programming language at the time, I created a website that redirected to random image IDs from e621 and r34 (keep in mind I was literally an immature autistic 14 year old). So basically every time you refresh the page it will redirect to a random image on that site. I was really proud of myself for writing working code as I had a really hard time figuring stuff out and I happened to finally get the ball rolling with PHP. I had a thing where every time I figured something out that was difficult to me, I had my own little victory. And when I have these little victories I show everyone on my friends list my little accomplishment to celebrate with me and what I accomplished. I selected a domain that made my immature self laugh and sent it to everyone on my friends list to show them what I accomplished. One of which was Carrot, the website redirected to art with cub in it. I didn’t think about something like that happening because I didn’t really know this stuff existed. I don’t blame Carrot for saying this. For all he knows I just sent a link that embedded a bad image. I never told him the context and what was actually going on. My biggest regret and flaw back then is never explaining myself after an accident when being called out online which always led to digging a deeper hole for myself.

[ 9 ] also going on record to say “bruh they’re just fetishes” and “who hasn’t jerked off to loli before.”

Misinformed. I did say this, but I was misinformed and stupid. I know it sounds so fucking stupid and fake but please let me explain myself. When I was 13 I began talking to a friend (He was 15). We had a lot in common and we were best friends. We talked to each other for hours every day and hung out in real life alot. One day in the conversation of external storage devices he casually brings up a secret USB he stored in his drawer which then proceeds to him showing me its contents. It contained a vast amount of folders with names of random fetishes which I’m assuming he was into. He showed me for a quick second and I screenshotted it. I began asking him what some of the folders were. One of them happened to be “Loli” which then I asked him what it was and he responded with “just transsexual porn stuff”. Which led me to believe it was transsexual pornography from that day on and never thought of it again because I trusted him and when I trust people I dont usually question what they say. This is why I said “who hasn’t jerked off to loli before” like it was no big deal or anything serious. I just didn’t know what it meant. I was misinformed. I’m sorry for not telling you. And No, I don’t talk to that person I previously mentioned, he’s gone now. The story of what happened to him is a story for another day.

[ 10 ] “bruh they’re just fetishes”

True. This was my response after Carrot’s reaction to this statement “who hasn’t jerked off to loli before”. I responded with that because I didn’t actually know what “loli” means. I was literally 14 how the fuck am I supposed to know what that means at that age? I gave up even attempting to tell him my error because I thought it would make me look even more like a pedophile if I said I was misinformed after I realized what it meant. So I just gave up on standing up for myself.

[ 11 ] Dshoe10 is also a stoner, and a coomer who cannot do anything but mention how horny he is to 13 year olds on Discord.

False. I’m not a coomer, I wasn’t a stoner back then either, but I did smoke pot a few times. And No I don’t “mention how horny I am to 13 year olds on Discord”.

I have been sober from marijuana since August 2020.

[ 12 ] He cannot stand by his word, as he frequently deletes his messages as soon as he gets a little suspicious of whoever it is that he is talking to.

True. You’re right, I couldn’t stand by my own words as I didn’t think for myself and just listened to others. And the “frequently deletes his messages as soon as he gets a little suspicious of whoever it is that he is talking to” what he means by this is I used to purge my messages with people I didn’t trust because I was paranoid of people taking them out of context to attempt to make me look bad or to misuse Discord’s report system to get my account banned for bullshit reasons.

[ 13 ] Dshoe10 has also created malicious programs to infect peoples computers under the guise that it is a video game [Explorium and Piptopia], rather than some disk eating trojan.

False. This makes me laugh because PipTopia never actually had a client released. Explorium wasn’t malware either, me and a old friend said it was malware so it can be taken off the “Pizzaboxer’s Client Archive” because he didn’t want it on there… for some reason? I will leave the compiled and complete source code to Exploriums launcher, URI, and “auto updater” along with the authentic compiled versions from 2019 in this document along with a tutorial on how to “decompile” them.

If you still don’t believe it, contact an original Explorium player and get them to send you the Launcher, URI, and auto updater if they played long enough. Then just follow the decompile tutorial I provided at the end of this document.

[ 17 ] Dshoe10 is extremely racist

False. I’ve done racist jokes in the past but it does not reflect my actual beliefs.

[ 18 ] and transphobic to the point that it isn’t funny.

False. I am not transphobic but I have done transphobic jokes in the past, these jokes did not reflect my actual beliefs.

[ 19 ] He has sent GIF images of black people getting killed as some sick form of “shock humor”

True, I have sent one gif of a scene from a documentary of a African American female being hanged to be “shocking”. Extremely fucked up. I’m very, very sorry. I was clueless, and edgy. Which doesn’t excuse me for sending something like that.

[ 20 ] has supported an execution of all black people throughout the country


[ 21 ] has went on record to say “n*****” numerous times to actual black people and people that aren’t black whatsoever

I did say the n word online a bunch of times back then as I was a 13/14 year old. Doesn’t make it okay though. And for that I’m sorry for those who I offended. I didn’t mean it and was saying it to get a rise out of people.

[ 22 ] denied being friends with people because they were black or “seemed black”

An admin and I on piptopia did racist jokes but one of the racist jokes my friend did was one of them where they said they weren’t going to be friends with a user because they were black. Since this was 2 years ago I can’t remember if I did any jokes relating to this. If I did and I’m not remembering them. I am sorry.

I do not condone any racist or offensive jokes said by me in the past or anyone else I used to associate with

[ 23 ] has expressed fantasies of “killing all t****ies”, among many more.


[ 24 ] He also blindly said George Floyd deserved it on the eve of his death.


[ 25 ] What I have listed here is just scratching the surface of Dshoe10s iceberg of hatred.


[ 26 ] Dshoe10 is moderately poor

I don’t know what he means by this, I think it’s mental health so I will talk about that. I used to think I was sort of mentally ill back then, but I personally believe back then I had a terrible mindset for myself. What also didn’t help was my mood swings contributing to my terrible mindset about myself.

[ 27 ] and has medicated bipolar disorder

False. Although I claimed that I had bipolar disorder a few times, I do not have bipolar disorder. I convinced myself this because I never thought for myself and was pretty much gaslighted into thinking I was by an individual. I should’ve thought for myself.

[ 28 ] and is some place on the spectrum.

True, I have autism. I have a lot of autistic tendencies and outbursts. I’m a little wonky I guess and I have a lot of issues surrounding myself, especially social interaction. I have poor self esteem to begin with and my autism contributes a lot to it due to my poor social skills causing me to not stand up for myself. I make weird mistakes that are common sense to people and I don’t know why, it’s something I really noticed through-out my life. I really try to be the best person I can possibly be from what I learned from my previous mistakes like this one. I don’t really tell people I am autistic in drama as I personally think it should not be used as a crutch for being a dickhead.

[ 29 ] He also beats/abuses/kicks his brother if he doesn’t do what he wants.


[ 30 ] He is also a closeted bisexual.

True, I am bisexual, but not closeted.


All in all, this might sound weird but this was the greatest thing to ever happen in my life, ever. I was hit with reality and got me back on my feet and changed my outlook on the world, life, and people. If this never happened I would’ve continued going down this path in my life destroying my mental health and relationships in the process. Before writing this I went on a mental health journey, removing all the false shit this dox had, it was almost like a reality-check to me. Something I have never had in recent years. It made me think about what I was becoming as a person. The moment I was hit with reality from reading the dox was the moment I began distancing myself from others and began working on myself instead. No, I don’t care if no one believes me or cares about this response. I made this to get rid of the pit in my stomach for not telling the truth to Carrot about my miss-understanding about subjects, and not saying anything publicly to combat the spread of misinformation. I never thought about straight up telling anyone because I thought it would make me seem even more fishy and just made me give up on explaining myself.

Final message to Carrot

Carrot, I think of you as a reflection of my old former self. I think of you as the person that I would’ve become if this whole thing never happened. I noticed when writing this that this document you wrote about me is actually describing your future self, what you will later become in the future. Not only that, you began doing what you hated me for. You are a doxxer. You do racist and transphobic jokes. You have participated in the creation of malware. You lie. You have participated in disgusting acts. You say offensive, racist, hateful words towards others. But deep down Carrot. I really honestly don’t hate you. I find you an interesting individual. But I believe you are suffering from what I was back then. You have truly forgotten what it feels like to be put down by others, making your ego grow and letting yourself continue going down the same path I was going down once before. I want you to realize that one day this will come back and bite at you just like how it did to me. I believe one day you will come to realize your mistakes which will cause you to grow and mature as a better person. I honestly believe you are capable of doing what I did because you are a smart person who is capable of change.

I am sorry for the damage I have caused. Goodbye.