This document is a copy of Evidence Against 608/Carly.

Large portions of this document are duplicated into The 608 Documentary (available on this site) and Statement against 608 (Also known as Carly) (available on this site), where more content may be available.

Evidence Against 608/Carly

NOTE: Any times shown in images are in UK timezone. This is because I live in the UK, and I and another person who also lived in the UK were the ones who took the screenshots.

608/Carly’s main Discord ID is 345265102137720842. She has alternative accounts as well.

608’s Age/Relationship timeframe

(ZuckerBär<3 is 608.
Iceberg122 is gameguy.)
(608 was in a polyamerous relationship with gameguy and upas11908 (14) at the time.)

Above is proof that she turned 17 on 17 September 2022.

The point in which she knew his age

(CarlyCell/jarly mcfarly the carlieth is 608. luckyEROND is gameguy.)

She said “i wouldnt”. This one is obvious. She was 16 during this exchange. However, they continued dating until 11 October 2022. She turned 17 within that timeframe, and yet still continued to date him for another month before gameguy broke up with her.

According to 608 when I confronted her, she did not like him anymore after he admitted this.

Below is her admitting this in my confrontation.

(CarlyCell is 608.
oiraMgnilbmuM is me.)

“him” refers to gameguy.

Whether you wish to believe her is up to you, but either way you look at it, it is either that she is a pedophile if she did like him, or that she is a groomer if she did not like him, due to the fact she kept dating him regardless and manipulated him while in the relationship.

Also, at the time, she was already doxxed. She did not care at all.

(Note: I say “boxxed” instead of doxxed due to Discord’s TOS.)

The breakup

Above is the breakup with gameguy that I mentioned in “The point in which she knew his age”. It happened on 11 October 2022, almost a month after she turned 17.

This proves that gameguy was the one who initiated the breakup, which means 608 was planning on doing more dating if he didn’t break up.

Grooming/Sexual Activity

608’s (17) Sexual Activity with Gameguy (13)

gameguy (13) (MIOFAN in the photo) since edited his messages, but as you can see, 608 (17) (Nepgear in the photo) is seen messaging gameguy “Would we all be in the same bed”.

I won’t say what was originally said before gameguy edited the messages, since he wanted it to be private, but it was something sexual.


You may notice the top part of the above image:

“It said you can’t physically do the stuff” “It didn’t say you can’t flirt” (Message ID:

There’s a reason she said this. That reason is below.

Below is an excerpt from OTGC. It was happening at the same time as the above image.

gameguy edited these messages from sexual messages to normal messages in the above image due to his embarrassment about what he said. The point is what 608 said, so please focus on that. People’s reactions to what he said should give you an indicator of what he said anyway.

Another thing that proves that gameguy said something other than the edited messages was the fact gameguy did not go to sleep at this time. Some people stay awake on Discord, yes, but 608 would say something like “good night” instead of “Why did I laugh at this part” if he really said that.

Highlight below.

Image src=[object Promise] alt="" /> In between the messages directly above this piece of text, they moved from OTGC to “notsafefortopicgc” (OTGC NSFW GC) to talk.

With this context, we can understand clearly what she meant by the below quote from before.

”It said you can’t physically do the stuff” “It didn’t say you can’t flirt” (Message ID:

She meant that in the Wikipedia article Temporalist sent, it didn’t say anything about not being able to flirt with gameguy, and due to it all being related to only physical stuff, she was fine.

However, this isn’t true. Flirting sexually with a 13 year old as a 17 year old is illegal. According to various sources, 608 lives in South Carolina, and in that state’s law, it is clearly emphasised that 13 year olds cannot be sexual with 17 year olds.

The reason is because the age of consent is 16, and Romeo and Juliet laws go to at least 14 in South Carolina.

Due to gameguy being 13 at the time, that means that when 608 turned 17, she was illegally dating him.

Sources for South Carolina law that I took from:

This means that 608’s dating of gameguy, for at least one month, was illegal in her state.


After all of this research, it can be safely assumed that 608 had been dating gameguy illegally for a month, and planned to do longer if gameguy didn’t break up with her.

I hope you all read until the end. I tried to make it as concise as possible so people are easily able to read it in order to spread the message around better.

Anyway, have a nice rest of your day. Thanks for reading.