This document is a copy of Evidence of 608/Carly (18) Dating a Minor (14) known as Rec01n. The original has been removed from Google Docs due to it being deemed a violation of their Terms of Service.

Evidence of 608/Carly (18) Dating a Minor (14)


All of this will just be evidence. All of it is self explanatory.

I expect you as a reader of this document to gather an understanding of the situation by the evidence alone due to how open and shut this case is.

If you want another document about 608’s previous grooming from a year ago, go here: Evidence Against 608/Carly (available on this site).

If you want someone else’s document on the attacks that she’s done and the grooming allegations in more detail (it has one of my documents put in there), go here: The 608 Documentary (available on this site).

608’s accounts

Main: @carly.php (1059491219413151824)
Second most used account: MyDevil#2950 (1122160814372171776)
ActuallyTheMarioForeverFan#0408 (857675421529276436)
CakeFrontend#4424 (1118929394426192003)
SomePixels#0010 (994330538687090708)
AriBallin#7390 (1130614468779462767)
@autoconversation_2 (1134974675479433216)


608’s obtaining of pictures from Uyko

GC Context

608 Admitting that she is dating a 14 year old at 18

Uyko is Rec01n

(Not to be confused with the user known as “recon”)

608/Carly being sexual with a Minor

Below are images from a Whirled revival.


This is not legal in South Carolina, the state that 608/Carly lives in.


Note on Legality

608 continues to defend her actions through the use of a less official source.

This website is the source she attempts to cite when saying she is not a pedophile by law:

She uses this when trying to explain:

In reality, this website has got it wrong, as seen with what the .gov website has said. “18 or younger” is not stated within the official documentation.


GC from “GC Context” export:

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This is an open and shut case. 608/Carly dated and was sexual with a 14 year old.

That is all I have to say.