This document is a copy of Jeno: The truth.

Jeno: The truth


Good day Syntax Players, today is the day that Jeno’s abuse of power and influence should come to a halt. I also want to make it clear that this is a direct shot at Jeno and his reputation. This document features multiple chapters, which are each dedicated to his wrongdoings.


  1. Jeno’s bad reputation before being hired
  2. Racism
  3. Terminating evidence
  4. Uploading Bypasses
  5. Alting
  6. Gallery (hall of shame)

Chapter 1: Jeno’s bad reputation before being hired

As an OG player (being the first syntax ID on the site too) I have seen this website in its early days, even before it released. Jeno’s reputation in the old days was very bad because he was known as being a racist and said racial slurs in chat just for fun. Nevertheless, he became admin because he ratted me out to SomethingElse. We were good friends and then he turned my back on me just for admin.

Chapter 2: Racism

Jeno is very racist, like I mentioned earlier. He often says racial slurs even in voice chat and makes very racist remarks. There is little evidence of this because he terminates evidence. Proof of this will be shown in the third chapter. This behaviour is clearly unacceptable and is unprofessional. Don’t forget that whatever he says, he might pass off as a joke but this is too much proof to be a “joke”. I had more severe evidence of him (like him saying the hard R) however that evidence was terminated by him. Note that he might start deleting these messages soon.

The first pic he muted me for sending the doc which is termination of evidence.

Chapter 3: Terminating evidence

Jeno does not want to get caught, and he knows to delete all messages which contain any of his wrongdoing in the Discord server. This is the reasoning behind a lot of evidence being lost. The first pic is proof of him editing messages to get rid of the evidence.

Chapter 4: Uploading Bypasses

A part of jeno’s bad reputation was uploading many bypasses. He would make bypassed T-shirts and shirts with inappropriate content. The method he did this with was by uploading a shirt and then cover it with a T-shirt and replace it with something inappropriate. Here’s the evidence.

Chapter 5: Alting

Jeno has multiple alts on the website. All accounts shown are owned by him and there’s some proof of him owning some other alts.

Take a look around! First pic is him e-dating btw.