This document is a copy of kelz expose document.

kelz expose document

so kelz has gone too far attack him idc

So kelz supports aep who we have found many MANY footage of being casually weird and kelz supports that too.

He’s a racist – chris sent this

He spams the n word like 24/7 as if he has nothing to do
and look at this – ellernate sent this

and he claims other people are pedophiles just look

and check this reddit post

Just look how he supports aep even after what he did, no matter the age it’s still a pretty weird thing to say.

kelz if you wanna say something and make it show up here, just contact chris cause I ain’t giving you my Discord username, your biggest hater.

War will continue bitch…

UPDATE 25 December 2023
Kelz has been spamming inappropriate videos such as a naked anime girl in a server called energyblox (deleted) and attacked many people like chris, some other guy I dunno and said the n word multiple times