This document is a copy of Meteorite: The Whole Shabang [sic].


Before reading, this document contains very inappropriate stuff of a sexual nature that is not suited for the younger audience. You have been advised.

19 June 2023 7:22 AM

This document was written by alosh, pinzit and a person that requested not to be named.

All of the sources of these images/videos will not be named.Ots

Meteorite and its discrepancies

Meteorite, as a revival, is straight up horrid.

If you name your game an emoji it literally returns 500 not found. Not 404 not found, 500. (credit to Ktrain for this)

The site is horribly unfinished.

The frontend looks like you gave a grandma that has a PhD in Graphic Design and dementia to recreate the Roblox frontend, the backend looks like you gave a 10 year old a Lua tutorial and told them to start coding, the clients (2016 and 2018 mainly) are stitched together with popsicle sticks and elmer’s glue, and the catalog is infested with furry items.

Fun fact, Sushi HIMSELF added a ban on furry items on 2 April 2023 10:45 PM. (the timezone ((GMT-3)) may not be accurate)

At the time of writing this, 19 June 2023, the items have been reuploaded to the catalog like nothing has happened AND Sushi HIMSELF are wearing these items. (seems like you need to add a ban on yourself)

On 19 May 2023, mist (who joined 3 days prior and got hat uploading permission the SAME day) uploaded cyber critter (protogen) hats as Aurora had asked him to upload it. zFut (an adminpointed out about the ban and asked sushi if they were allowed, and sushi just said it was reversed.

There was also an exploit regarding RCC and the asset api. It was insanely easy to break. Here is the link you can try if Meteorite is still up by the time of this doc being released.

The community

To say the least, the community on Meteorite has rather questionable people on it, And very big things have happened.

What Sushi (owner of meteorite) Does about issues in said community


As far as sweeping stuff under the rug, pretending issues never happened, and taking no action AT ALL about any issues regarding certain individuals goes, I’m sure zero action has been taken from sushi’s part, and moderators do absolutely nothing too. In fact, they mute people who talk against certain people and issues in the revival itself.

To explain all of this, With proof, Here’s some HUGE issues sushi swept under the rug and did NOTHING about.

Person who did this (AuroraTheProtogen) was kicked, and was allowed to return to the server a day later. Proof below:

Here’s proof of sushi banning people who mention these issues in the Discord server:

Problematic people in the community


I’ll let the images speak for themselves in this one, It’s really hard to explain.


Absolutely no comment.

(Invisible inserted the asset on the first image on Tadah, under the name “Whopper”)

And if you thought this couldn’t get worse, It does.
Sushi himself supports Invisible, proof follows

why does sushi have a collar

Take a look at the characters shown here, These are: Sushi and Invisible. If that wasn’t enough proof, here’s some more.

How Meteorite Handles Security

You can ask the people at Meteorite how secure their revival is, and they’ll reply with “What’s security?”

Or if you tell the people at Meteorite about a security issue, they will just reply with “No evidence of that” even if you show evidence.

Let’s talk about how the game places got leaked, and how insecure Meteorite really is.

Here’s one of the people who leaked the place files on the server, saying how it was done.

(cropped screenshot because this is the entire rcc script)

And I’ve got to mention, at some point, Sushi had a Bitcoin ad being hosted on the Meteorite website. This is the video for proof.

Meteorite’s Clients & Website

Let’s start with the website. There’s a few things that we’ve noticed in the site before that seem similar to other features in other revivals. Let’s take a look at those.

  1. You know the edit css feature? Yeah, I’m not saying anything but it’s interesting that Crapblox, (meteorite’s direct competitor for a while) came up with this idea first and Meteorite just nabbed it without mentioning them. No one had suggested this or asked sushi to add it prior to this.

  2. You know the typewriter effect once you go on the landing page? Yeah, Bingle (private revival made by unexp, inactive now) had this idea first. Really cool actually.

  3. Site is really bad and refuses to work properly. The catalog displays some pages as the same, and is PAINFULLY SLOW. The site on itself looks horrible and is so easily spammable, once some people started spamming comments in games, causing them to be disabled. One game had 100 pages of comments. That game can be found here.

Now about the clients. 2016 feels like it’s left dead, 2020 and 2018 are overused. And not counting multiple issues with them too. The FFlags on 2016 are broken as fuck, and because of that the jumping is broken and maybe a lot more stuff. 2018 is overshadowed by 2020. 2018 feels like just 2016 but a little less broken. And 2020 is pretty much just 2021 mixed with 2016. And for some reason friends dont work in game but following does? Yet there is a friend system on the site, It’s not that big of an issue, but why even bother?


Meteorite, as a Roblox revival, does a horrible job at doing it. Meteorite makes the worst look good. After everything we have discussed here, the community, the site, the clients/RCC, the entire thing is a stain on the ORC that may never come off.

This godly of a video sums it up in about 13 seconds (Sums up most of the things that happened, doesn’t cover much issues but it’s about the place leaks.)

Told yall there would be consequences for banning my Buddy unexp. I am evil. – pinzit

Sushi you’d know what happen if you took away our Minecraft server. This is what happened. You need to be careful next time. – alosh 🙂

WE OUT HERE – anonymous

JUNE 19TH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Extra goodie for you guys. Lol


The aftermath of this situation turned out better than expected. Meteorite is gone.

A better overview of the aftermath will come after I make the next video going into deeper things

The final game.

The Aftermath video

Update: 20 June 2023 12:00 AM The site has been put on maintenance for quite a while. It seems like its indefinite.

Update: 22 June 2023 12:00 PM It’s gone

Fly low – alosh

Update: 9 July 2023 9:30 AM – alosh
It’s.. not gone?

What happened to Meteorite?

In short I had lost motivation to keep it open. Now let me give you some reasons why.

  • it was a massive money bleed ranging $60-400 a month to run.

  • The staff I hired didn’t do the best job which is partially my fault. I didn’t do enough to keep them doing their best. This resulted in some accidents over the course of Meteorite’s 1 year life which I don’t condone and infighting. I didn’t tell my staff to censor or hide any criticism though I should of been more proactive about what my staff were doing.

  • I wanted a break which is why updates slowed down but obviously the website/discord was not in a state to leave. This also upset some staff members which I apologize for.

To clear some things up of accusations against me since I know there is a lot of noise.

First of all, I had already decided to shut down before the document even came out. It didn’t influence this decision in any way. Now, we will skip over criticisms of the website itself as that doesn’t matter. Two problematic individuals in the community were a result of my bad management and staff favoritism over members. Security of Meteorite was compromised from a lazy config error but I did my best to minimize the damage and as far as I’m aware only around 70 places leaked on the internet.

Thanks, sushi. it’s been fun. Maybe we meet again 2020 RCC

We are going to have a fun time bruteforcing this one aren’t we

I have made a new doc responding to the things said.

The Aftermath of the Aftermath: Meteorite (available on this site)

The final update this is the final update left from me, whoever else wants to say something can do so below

hi guys

i just realized we missed so much shit from the Meteorite document

are we making another one addressing the things we missed? not really theres a bunch of shit but we are just burnt out

we also missed some credits from the document

if you want your credits to be added, please add “aloshhtm” on Discord, tell me what you contributed and ill think about it

this is going to be the last update from the Meteorite situation from me (unless something interesting happens), everything that happened is mostly on that document or on one of my videos or the live

thats it cya

– alosh



alosh’s livestream METEORITES DOWNFALL may also be of interest as it contains more information and shows edits during the making of this document.