This document is a copy of A Long Drama: newuser (still not outdated).

A Long Drama: newuser

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This is unfinished and is a sequel to “A Quick Drama”, a topic that existed when Exiled was still a thing.



newuser is colored blue
fin is colored green
Shedletsky is colored red
quantam is colored yellow
yeano is colored purple
TestService is colored pink
qzip is colored white with black highlight
bgr2 is colored orange
Invitat is colored cyan
Carly/608 is colored dark green 2
Snowy is colored distorted purple
nolanwhy is colored gray cyan


Hey, I am fin. That one 20 year old guy at ORC. I made this document about newuser just to tell what he did, after yeano and quantam (not quato) started making a document about me. Honestly that document is just stupid. I don’t know how they will expose me so hard, information is too old.

Hey, I am Shedletsky. The 17 year old guy from the ORC. I edited this document and helped fin with this document.

Hi, I’m Carly. The 17 year old that people like to call a pedo just like they do to Fin because the ORC loves to lie. I met Fin when Rhodum 2 started and have been his friend ever since.

So let’s start.


Chapter 1: Exiled Hacking (w/ quantam) | written by fin

quantam is ino, by the way.

One of the laziest, stupidest, boring hacks in the world. What I think happened was that newuser gave my panel password to quantam, which then downloaded the website source code and pasted ton of alerts. quantam, on Andrew/Fin: The Whole Shabang admitted that they planned all of this. The alerts mentioned ino on alerts, so when I’ve seen it I told him if he participated in this event, and he said no. That was a lie.

When I found newuser’s revival that barely worked named TestService, I have immediately went in there to see if the source was leaked. It was there with some hate messages. I have forced him to remove the source not because it’s just because it was my revival, I executed a command that could collect the IP of the user who would take the SQL, which collected both of their IPs.

Chapter 2: Age Reveal + qzip Hacking | written by fin

Hey, it’s been months! Well, I just found out that I didn’t mention that the account was not an Exiled account, instead a Discord one. Well, off we go! (20 October 2023)

That was like an entire war, LOL. newuser admitted that he asked qzip to hack the entire website, while newuser was abusing admin permissions and giving roles to every person. It all started from nothing. Really! A person accidentally logged into my account (I was secured with 2FA) and changed the avatar to the one he supposedly wanted to do on his account, but changed it for me. Laughed a little bit, till newuser took it seriously. And well, with these words the hack begun and lasted 2 days till I got the ownership.

In the next day he says in the group if we can end this, which means he’s a fucking pussy! He said that because I would expose him, which I am doing right now. Okay, here’s the interesting part, newuser tells me the reason for the hack was because I was racist, well he was racist too. Don’t say no. Literally at 1 January 2023 during night he said “HAHA NIGGERS”, so that was a false point and they did this for nothing. Imagine spending $30 dollars and a server provider didn’t even patch a vulnerability.

He then said he was 13 years old this year, which means he was underage all the time. If bgr2 was banned for being 13 years old, then he will be banned too. Of course he will, he literally used Discord when he was 11!

Chapter 3: Child Sexual Abuse Material | written by fin

Size was 1.52GB, not 1.87GB. Teen age is 13-17.

It all started in a group named Basement. Exactly at 7 June 2023 11:52 PM, he sent a link and I actually said “that’s legal”! Yeah I didn’t see what Teen age was..

Message from Carly: If you think this was fake you can ask anyone who was in the group (me, fin, guy1770, Casenn, mangloid, axd, LRC_, GBA)

asking vmware if he knows it (27 June) before making the document

newuser trying to get rid of me LOOL idiot

13-17 is not child sexual abuse material, you can watch it! 🤓

He says that porn with underages is illegal, but with 13-17 is legal.

4 violations, he was an underage. Broke TOS 5 times and says that I got banned 7 times and he never was, scumbag.

Now he says that I sent child sexual abuse material too.

UPDATE: It’s actually child sexual abuse material, oh god.

Chapter 4: Clients | written by fin

If some Exiled members remember the release date of 2015, you gotta hear this. newuser did not patch clients, Invitat did. Invitat was an admin on Exiled until it shutdown, known as AlainsXisaDuck or AXD/znxd. He was patching clients under newuser’s name and was a patcher for 2013 and 2016 clients when Exiled was on a rewrite. qzip when nuked Exiled found the 2013 installer, sent it to my DMs. The client was originally supposed to be available, and was ready for use, yet we didn’t give full instructions. The bootstrapper would work if the client was downloaded, but since people didn’t have the client installed at first, the bootstrapper wouldn’t work. It was kinda useless, anyway.

Chapter 5: Reactions About newuser | written by Shedletsky

I remember that newuser was selling his account (fin told me this in a gc) after newuser nuking the Exiled server,fin told something to us in the Folaroid server (an old revival that fin made, also fin gave us some information at the Folaroid server.)

Chapter 5: Experiences About newuser | written by Carly

This all started when Rhodum 2 was a thing. Newuser would constantly threaten closure over the smallest form of criticism and would make polls on if the site should shut down (without talking to ANY other owners first).
Rhodum 2 constantly switched servers, and newuser would buy boosts for every server. (He did this for another unrelated server of his and Snowy ‘s as well).
One day, his account started changing to odd things. This was around the same time nolanwhy got ratted, which we thought had relation at the time. Here are some images from around the multiple times he faked getting hacked:

We are done. (as for now)

To people who call fin or carly pedophiles, just look up at Google, or just have this screenshot that we found. – Shedletsky

I (fin) am literally disgusted y’all have balls to call me a pedophile and not even dare to look up the definition.

newuser did more damage than fin. And if you want proof, just take a look at this table I (fin, mostly edited by Carly) made.

fin (20)newuser (13)
Sent child sexual abuse material without knowing (1 video which started off normal and he didn’t see the rest iirc)
Also didn’t defend it
Sent child sexual abuse material
Defended it
Nuked revivals (for good reasons)Nuked revivals
Abused admin permissions
Used Discord under age of 13
Participated in hacks

This chart is 100% true and there’s no lies. The ORC just loves to see the downfall of innocent people, they are doing this to me (Carly) too.


fin: reported loli channels at Telegram, helping with code ← (basically what I rarely do) newuser: said helped axd with clients, not sure ‘bout that innit (EDIT AS OF 20 OCTOBER 2023!!! he didn’t.)

I only listed 2 to myself, I don’t even know what good newuser did.

2023 | That is all.