This document is a copy of Snowy Expose Document.

Snowy: The Ultimate Expose Document

⚠ This doc also mentions NSFW/NSFL topics. If you are not comfortable with this, please stop reading this document. You have been warned. ⚠

If you find snowy.vtf/kitra/snowy on your server or someone’s Discord server, please get him banned ASAP.
(DO NOT confuse Killdare with Snowy, they are 2 different people, Snowy is dating Killdare and he did nothing wrong.)

Small introduction

Limbo 2 & the Void src (very known lol), manipulated Nora, impersonated people, defended lolicon, and is just a shit human being in general.
(This is petty but Snowy was really fucking annoying in Limbo. Y’all remember the admin abuse they pulled?)

Oh wow! What a nice person!

Chapter 1: Limbo 2 leaking

On the 23 March 2024 Snowy DMed SunMoon asking if he wanted Limbo 2 leaks. He had been informed of drama that will be covered in Chapter 2 by one of his friends (Yeano) that involved Snowy.

Snowy proceeded to leak

to him.

When sun questioned Snowy why he decided to leak, he responded saying

Limbo 2 was also leaked to Hadi and andryv.

Chapter 2: The Nora Drama

Snowy was in a GC with 2 other people known as Mackery and Nora. Basically Mackery was acting like nora which just acts silly all the time, (as in, saying :3 and all that) Snowy basically tried to stop Mackery from being like a furry because she pretty much doesn’t like it (like the rest of the orc lmao), and that leads into nora explaining it in a polite manner in Snowy’s DMs, while snowy basically doesn’t care and just starts drama out of sudden nowhere and drags it to the Limbo 2 GC which caused nora to leave. Lee re-adds her and they basically start arguing with each other. They both cool down and at the end of the argument, nora leaves the gc. On 21 March 2024, Snowy was removed from Limbo 2 due to a poll. And on 23 March 2024, the events of Chapter 1 begin. On 25 March 2024, Snowy teams up with Meditation/TheGuyWhoIsIdiot to expose nora, which never got far because nora eventually sent proof that snowy is in the wrong. And then this document exists. Literally.

Here’s a video by Nora showing a lot of the shit that happened:

Chapter 3: Admin abuse in Limbo

Snowy has a history of admin abuse inside of the original Limbo before his demotion.

Example 1: The furry item incident

Although no more proof of this incident exists anymore due to Metallic (the victim in this incident) deleting the Discord account they used for Limbo and the Limbo server itself being deleted, some Limbo veterans can prove this story’s legitimacy.

(Proof of the incident having happened with a message during the time period it happened)

Essentially, Metallic uploaded a few UGC tigershark accessories onto Limbo. Metal wanted them removed, so they content deleted the items. However, since Snowy still had admin at this point in time, he reverted the deletion. Metal did DM SunMoon with all this info, but as stated, deleted the account.
Metallic went to Wumbo and asked if he could remove the items from the database entirely so Snowy couldn’t just revert the ban, and Wumbo did comply.

(Snowy proving SunMoon’s point about his extremely short temper)

Example 2: The Limbo ticket 29 incident

After Snowy was demoted from his admin position, he went into the Limbo Appeals Discord server (also now deleted) and had a roughly 30 minute long argument with pretty much every staff member. SunMoon recorded pretty much all of it and it ended up being such a shitshow it was a large reason Limbo died.

Chapter 4: Void

When Limbo was canceled, snowy was preparing a “private revival”, however it was eventually told to Wumbo and he banned snowy from Void.
Ficello then pressured Snowy to leak the Void source code to “show much of a bad person he is”, (UTels showed me proof but I lost the image lmfao)
aand she leaked it. Void gets canceled, and wumbo’s mental health is saved.
On October 1st, qzip realized that the Void paypal was the same as the Limbo paypal, which means he could steal the money if he wanted to.

Someone then joined the Void discord server, impersonating Kitt (void admin). They then trick August to believing they are the real Kitt, and what do you know, they actually fell for it.
The fake Kitt then proceeds to replace, delete every channel and make new channels that have the N-word on it. They banned the faker, and then fixed the channels. Wumbo proceeds to delete his Discord account then, while he said Void’s VPS would die in 2 months, which means people had 2 months to keep playing Void before Wumbo crushes it down to pieces.

never forget the void heist of 1 October 2023

Chapter 5: Impersonation

Snowy has on many occasions impersonated people, the first one being wumbomumbo, owner of Limbo.

Then months later, he impersonates the English VA of Jax from TADC.

Then around 2023, She impersonates Aep by “hacking” Snowy. A few days later, Fake Aep changes snowy alt’s name to Aep and about me to “former fossci owner”. Days and days pass by, Snowy joins Koutch’s Game Studio, and Fake Aep does too. Koutch sends a link to the Rovive discord server, and Fake Aep joins. Fake Aep threatens Koutch that she “hacked my account”, when she in fact didn’t. Around Early 2024, Fake Aep leaks AndryV’s face. (No clue if she did or not, all we have is Noobe sending a photo of Fake Aep saying “it’s joever for you little cunt” and andryv being confused, followed by a message saying that fake aep leaked andryv’s face)
Around 17 January 2024, “aep” says that there’s gonna be a full ass doc against andryv, when that didn’t happen. That was the last we saw of “aep” then.


In conclusion, this doc shows just a tiny part of the enigma of Snowy and how weird he is. Please, if you see this guy in any of your servers, get him banned as soon as possible. Thank you :]


Koutch, for creating the doc
SunMoon, for writing half the doc + providing evidence
Nora, for providing evidence
UTels, for providing evidence
Andryv, for writing help with the doc + providing evidence

Thank you for reading.