This document is a copy of A Statement of SpeakerPro2’s hypocritical behavior and manipulation.

A Statement of SpeakerPro2’s hypocritical behavior and manipulation

Proof speakerpro2 owns the SimplyAlonso and EpicXDavo alts yet he denies it

For one the accounts have similar behavior to speakerpro2: they talk exactly like him and send the same URL shorteners to XVideos that speakerpro2 sent on Graphictoria. In some people’s DMs he also showed his fetish to JaidenAnimations speakerpro2 has yet speaker attempts to frame Casenn (me) and Hurricane on it speaker said on the accounts claiming that they weren’t speakerpro2 obviously to hide the evidence.

Secondly, speakerpro2 has been against Alonso and Davo for a while.

speakerpro2’s sexual relationship with arktos

speakerpro2 has had a sexual relationship with arktos (current state of the document)

Exposing speakerpro2 and arktos part 2 – Brick Hill (

Here’s an archive of an old document with actual proof of throw sexual relationships since speakerpro2 has manipulated the original creator into taking down the document speakerpro2 has never apologized to arktos

speakerpro2 harassing people on mostly XlXi’s Graphictoria and some a bit on Project Polygon

speakerpro2 harassing Alonso on the polygon forums

speakerpro2 getting pissed off at Alonso for no reason

speakerpro2 threatening to dox alonso

The thing is Alonso confirmed that he wasn’t playing a condo.

speakerpro2 harassing Casenn (me) on the forums and with ads on economy simulator.

speakerpro2 schizo posting when he’s mad at someone

speakerpro2 will cease to schizo post for like no reason or when he’s mad at alonso or someone else.

speakerpro2 acting like he’s the victim in reality he’s not

speakerpro2 has attempted to play the victim when something doesn’t go his way.

speakerpro2’s fetish/obsession with Jaiden Animations

speakerpro2 has an obsession and fetish with Jaiden Animations for example he said he wanted to fuck Jaiden on Graphictoria in private messages he also posted porn of Jaiden while impersonating Alonso

speakerpro2’s fetish to furries

This can be already shown by the fact he sent furry porn while impersonating people and his sexual relationships with arktos.

speakerpro2 convincing Brick Hill staff to defend him

speakerpro2 has gotten most of my brick hill accounts banned which I don’t give a shit about since brick hill is run by a pedophile he’s also gotten staff to take down posts that are against him.

speakerpro2 consistently switching to different aliases to avoid responsibility

speakerpro2 has many aliases such as RetroStuff Retro, game, CubixLogix, and many others.

speakerpro2 sending shorteners and IP loggers to XVideos

speakerpro2 impersonating Alonso while sending shorteners to xvideos

speakerpro2 sending similar links on Graphictoria

speakerpro2 also sending similar links on dew’s DMs

I could only find a censored version.

SpeakerPro2 sent a similar link to XlXi.

s## peakerpro2’s past hatred of certain people like Alonso for example

You’ve probably already known that speakerpro2 has bullied, impersonated and threatened to dox Alonso so no other details will be added here, Alonso if you are reading this speakerpro2 is manipulating you.

speakerpro2 privating his accounts to hide things

speaker has privated his Twitter recently to hide things.

speakerpro2 using my email and spamming verification requests to Brickplanet

speakerpro2 has also made a Brickplanet account, he also spams verification requests on my email

It’s gotten so annoying that I had to log into that Brickplanet account and then change the email on that one and make one so speaker didn’t spam shit, seriously speaker what the fuck is wrong with you, I didn’t want an account for Issac’s shitty scam site.

SpeakerPro2 spreading false information about

speakerpro2 has made bullshit claims of being malicious when he doesn’t have proof, the owners are pretty chill people.

OK where’s your proof of it being run by doxxers?

The backend code was made from the ground up and Brick Hill was made open-sourced.

speakerpro2 defending pedophiles including aep and probably defending Joey Nigro and one I won’t mention their name

speakerpro2 has defended aep despite the fact he’s been allegedly a pedophile he’s also possibly defended Joey Nigro, a pedophile known in the goanimate community.
speakerpro2 has also defended one who already has had a bunch of documents made about them, I’ll not mention their name.

speakerpro2 allegedly making child sexual abuse material out of minors

speakerpro2 has allegedly made child sexual abuse images out of davo. I can’t send the actual image for obvious reasons but a lot of people in the sandbox community know about this.

This is allegedly one of speakerpro2s brick hill alts sending a censored version of davo naked.

Overall you shouldn’t trust speakerpro2, he’s manipulated so many people and he’s doing lots of manipulative behavior. I’d advise you to remove all contact with speakerpro2. He’s a bully and a liar and makes up stories to victimize himself.

If speakerpro2 or one of his dickriders mass reports this document I’ll have it archived on my website as a PDF file.

This document is not finished and I will be adding more stuff and fixing grammar issues in the days to come.