This document is a copy of syntax isnt bad.

syntax did not do anything wrong

If you read the document that “exposed” syntax read this.

You don’t have to had read the document though as I show images from it.

somethingelse accidentally messed up the new bootstrapper making people unable to play, so they had to update to fix error code 6

Also there is a reason to why they decided to change bootstrapper to Rust


People made alts for exploits that ruined the game so they added invite keys to prevent that, and while that sucks it had to be done because they literally were constantly breaking the game for everybody.


Some antiviruses flagged a wav file from syntax and wav is literally a audio file, so are you really gonna think virustotal is a 100% reliable source?


They perma banned the richest player because there was literal proof of them exploiting using alts.

2nd screenshot is literally a inspect elemented photo that I made as a joke

🔮 To summarize:
this guy is salty for no reason