This document is a copy of Tadah Staff Corruption and M3X.

Tadah Staff Corruption and M3X

Who is m3x/xomdel?

M3x is a LMaDer in the ORC who has been involved in a lot of drama due to his toxic personality and his willingness to become rich through illegitimate methods such as scamming and sharking. It would take forever to go through everything he’s been involved with in Finobe, but he was the richest trader in Finobe up until his eventual ban, and is one of the reasons many ORC users consider LMaD to be the toxic part of revivals.

Since then he has mostly stayed away from most revivals and is usually swiftly banned from any he joins. The same was for Tadah, until recently.

M3x’s Invitation

OnSight joins Tadah on 12/27/22. People realize who this is a few days after.

However, it is denied being m3x by Warden (this is touched on more in the Coverup section).

On 12/31/22, 3:19AM EST, Kinery’s retirement is officially announced to the public.

At 3:26AM EST (7 minutes after kinery left) m3x is unbanned from the Tadah Discord and joins.

This cannot be confirmed entirely, but it can be inferred that Warden is taking advantage of the fact that the new owners do not know who m3x is, and will allow his unbanning.


m3x’s Favoritism

M3x being given personals/items for free

Crown of the Dark Lord of the SQL being given to m3x (12/29/22). This is done 12 minutes after people find the OnSight account (shown above).

M3x face drops (12/29/22, after SQL is given). This dropped as a timed limited item, open for anyone to buy.

Dominus Sapphirex and Dark Knight Helmet (1/7/23). Dominus Sapphirex is now deleted after Warden was called out for giving m3x it.

Seiko/Roadman401’s soul and red capwn (1/8/23). Note the soul costs 10k to buy and was offsale when he granted it to him. Roadman401’s Soul has now gone limited, which means he was also granted a limited item for being a friend of staff

M3x being given positions of power by Warden

Warden giving m3x event staff

Kinery’s response to m3x being given event staff

M3x being given Contributor as soon as he is unbanned

M3x being given community council

M3x being granted limited items (!!!)

This is a very bad precedent to be setting here, since m3x actively participates in the economy.

M3x was also granted another limited, as shown above. We are not certain if m3x has been granted anything else yet, but it is entirely possible that he has. He himself has stated that “you dont wanna see my inventory”

M3x in a groupchat where they discuss limited drops (!!!)

hitius says in the LMaD server.

Soon after, ): Green Sidewinder is dropped as a limited, and m3x buys all of them (except one, digdog).

In response to the first image about “a plan” being posted, hitius said this

Not much is known about this group for fact, but from what can be inferred, limited drops are being planned out in it and regular users such as m3x are made aware of them and can take advantage of them. This might also be a one off thing, due to hitius saying he’s not trusting them with limited info again.

Ban Immunity

M3x stating jeck couldn’t do anything about him

M3x saying again that jeck can’t do anything about him. M3x is banned a little bit after these messages by another staff member

M3x is unbanned soon after

Whenever m3x is breaking rules and/or being toxic, warden either “speaks to them” or tells them to stop instead of doing any punishments

M3x gets banned after breaking contest rules and saying slurs, immediately gets unbanned

Harassment and Toxicity

M3x and friends harassing coco (a trans woman)

M3x saying slurs (and getting away with it)

Double Standards

Coverup Attempts

Lying about who OnSight is

Warden deflecting when asked who OnSight is

Warden straight up lying about OnSight being m3x when jeck asks

Warden acting like m3x is not on site after

Warden covering up his favoritism

Warden lying about granting m3x items

Note how Warden says m3x will be given Sapphirex when it comes out below

Warden lying about granting m3x items AGAIN

Warden bribing people in items to stop them from complaining about giving m3x items

Note how this was right after the events above