This document is a copy of Team Ellernate Expose Document.

So, as you have all heard there has been war between Chinobe and Ellernate and his team of goons (I like to imagine them as Team Rocket or something lmao). They have been lying about us and our owner kelz. Let’s just say that we have to end this and this won’t stop until we win, no matter how much false evidence and shit they throw at us we will keep it up.

As you can see here, they are trying to call me a pedo just for defending kelz. They throw random junk at us hoping it will break us apart and make us give up. Ellernate is also asking ME (14 years old) to compare money with him who is 18. Very funny! As well as chris saying I am a pedo for sticking up to kelz and aep’s fake rumors!

However, what makes this really funny is the fact that they tried making these false claims RIGHT after they have nuked us which can’t be a coincidence.

The fact that they based all of their fake ass ‘pedo’ claims because aep and kelz do weird shit (verbally) is crazy. A hater of kelz also said this and dug himself into an even deeper hole:

Today he has also offered to try and BRIBE any administrator+ $100 to help him nuke us AGAIN, which makes this a coincidence even LESS likely.

Kelz has also defended himself a bit with this screenshot:

We need your help to stop this, only you (the viewers of this doc) can help us and stop ellernate from harassing chinobe staff furthermore. Only YOU can stop this from happening and only you, so please help us. We will appreciate it if we win or if this gets dropped as we don’t want any drama.

I will add more onto this as more proof gets sent to me (kingofthecybers), we do not want to make this drama any worse, we just want to stop these rumors and to stop ellernate and his whole #WeHateKelz team from harassing us with this fake shit.