This document is a copy of Yomi’s experience with “Carly”.

this is my personal experience with Caleb Lesley

– doc by NiceYomi

Note: I’ve posted this message a few times after I left the ORC, and I want to share my personal experience with Caleb Lesley.

Note from 2024: I came back into the ORC, I own a revival.

Chapter 1: “Friends”

Everything started around the end of 2022, with a new revival I found named “NounBlox”. they used our source and since they skidded us we had a really long war, but I won’t talk about it cuz It’ll make the document long, one day nounblox asked me for peace and help them, and I did and little did I know, it was my worst mistake. after I joined them Caleb started to become friend with me, along with his retarded boyfriend named Zy. So I started to help them with their “NOUNBLOX”, and they helped me with my personal revival, we have been sharing a lot of things on both of our revivals but one time, I heard Caleb was a pedophile, at first I didn’t believe it. So we continued being friends, he made a skidded 2010 renderer, and he gave me some skidded sources that he wants me to use, I fired Caleb for skidding, then he harassed me, deleted all my Discord accounts and then I brought him back but I became intrigued by that, then I met with some old nounblox friends that I lost contact with, they all told me that Caleb is manipulating me so I asked for proof, they sent me a document, and then I was left shocked. I asked myself how could a “nice” person do that. Well he was 17 since the start, oh and I called him Carly, but its not his name, he’s a male actually named Caleb, I re-asked myself why would he lie so much to me, then they told me that he’s a liar.

Chapter 2: A good harasser

I blocked him then I continued my revival of GoodBlox 2.
The revival shut down a few weeks later though due to a vulnerability, I opened a new one and that’s where the second wave of harassment begins (the final and worst one). So I was just making it and Caleb posts a tweet with the content:

I almost forgot about him until he posted that. A few times later he posted:

and then:

So I DMed Alex (a good friend) and he told me he never participated in any of those “HYPERBLOX Destroying” and that’s when I finally understood, he was doing identity theft, he was saying that someone does something while he knows they never did it. Then they ruined my revival, well it was ficello not them. Then Alex DMed me, after all of that, that he left Caleb because of his actions, and Maxim, then left Caleb and Also have a friend called axim a betrayer and harassed me like he did to me.

The end
(scroll down for info)

A note from NiceYomi:

And now I’m gonna ask y’all a question. Did Caleb ever need help? Was that fmy worst mistake, think about it, just think about it for the answer
Now I’m gonna leave, cya guys, may Allah bless you.

Note 2 from Yomi’s helper

Caleb has a hand with Marc in destroying Yomi’s revival (Hyperblox, GoodBlox 2)

I remember when Marc published a group on a games page, and then a day later Marc exploded
All modesty and also attempted to leak emails. Yes, Caleb is not an ordinary person. She is like a wolf that wants to control you like a puppet.

Be careful with this guy, if you talk to him, you may fall into the trap

Last note: just found out he’s 18 and dating a 14 year old wtf :Skull: