This page lists most of the improvements, major updates, and additions to the website, as well as other notable events.

21 June 2024

Added solario expose document and Snowy Expose Document. Various other documents have also been updated.

Miscellaneous information has been added near the bottom of the homepage.

3 June 2024

The ORC Document Archive has returned. Expect more documents in the near future as I still want to continue archiving them.

20 February 2024

Added Ellernate: Manipulation at it’s finest and Carly - Owning Up.

3 February 2024

Added About Neek And Gameguy Argue.

2 February 2024

Added What did ariez do to atomblox😱😱😱 and updated The 608 Documentary.

31 January 2024

Added Another 608 Document and updated several others.

13 January 2024

Happy new year! Added a few more documents.

30 December 2023

Added The Disturbing Actions of Casenn and Hurricane.

25 December 2023

Happy holidays from the ORC Document Archive!

Added ok fuck chris and the bitchass gang.

23 December 2023

Added glass of water exposed.

21 December 2023

Added Team Ellernate Expose Document.

14 December 2023

Added aep doc remastered and kelz expose document.

25 November 2023

Added my mental state. and SYNTAX Staff Handbook.

23 November 2023

Added My Experience of being a SYNTAX Staff.

15 November 2023

Added a few more documents.

13 November 2023

Updated Meteorite: The Whole Shabang to add alosh’s livestream METEORITES DOWNFALL, containing more information and showing edits during the making of the document.

12 November 2023

Added Retro Dev: Behind The Scenes.

10 November 2023

Added a few more documents.

Updated Evidence of 608/Carly (18) Dating a Minor (14) known as Rec01n.

8 November 2023

Added Yomi’s experience with “Carly”.

27 October 2023

Added The Incompetence of Economy

22 October 2023

Added the Aep doc. Unfortunately I don’t know its full name since the original document seems to be no longer available, though please contact me if you have any more information about it.

Updated the Samtheman expose doc to add Samtheman’s response video in the Additions section.

18 October 2023

Added Evidence of 608/Carly (18) Dating a Minor (14).

A new page has been added to the site: searches. The page will contain a list of documents I’m currently searching for, and outlines where anyone can provide information or help with finding them.

16 October 2023

Some links to The 608 Documentary on the site linked to a inaccessible copy of the document rather than the public version. This has been fixed, thank you to everyone that brought this to my attention by pressing “request access” about 50 times.

Added a few more documents.

4 October 2023

All images on the site have been optimised, and will load much faster now. Having exactly 420 nice images on the site was causing high bandwidth consumption, so it should help that as well.

Added Gameguy: The Whole Shabang.

2 October 2023

Added Statement against 608 (Also known as Carly). The document had a lot of its information copied into The 608 Documentary, so there may be some overlap, and many of the same images and screenshots are used.

1 October 2023

Added The Carly Response (Mostly About The Gameguy Situation Currently) as a follow-up document to The 608 Documentary.

30 September 2023

Added The 608 Documentary. This one took a while to transcribe, as it’s well over 10,000 words long and contains close to 300 screenshots and images.

Some documents I’m considering transcribing next could be:

24 September 2023

Initial release. Includes four documents that I’d previously transcribed.

These documents were previously hosted on, but they now have a more permanent home here.